Source Lifestyle Co. launches apparel, accessories

We’re overjoyed to introduce you to Source Lifestyle! Our team has been working around the clock to bring these wonderful pieces to you, and the big day is finally here. Source Lifestyle Co. originates from the same vision that drives Source Cannabis: bringing products to the market with high quality that stands out on its own, all while offering unwavering service and a compassionate ethos.

“Our cannabis customers already trust us to get the best products into their hands,” said Source co-founder and CEO Amajd Atari. “I want Source Lifestyle Co. to be something similar: an avenue for customers to get what we vouch for as the best.”

Source Lifestyle Co. emphasizes the high-quality materials and unique designs used in its clothing, which serve to stand out from other cannabis brand merchandise and grow the brand into an independent fashion label that stands out on its own. “My philosophy is when it comes to our apparel is: make sure everything is quality. People will know,” said Atari. “I’d rather make zero dollars on a product if I have to, just to ensure that it’s high quality.”

In addition to Atari, the Source Lifestyle Co. project was spearheaded by Kayla Hanson, who brings a e-commerce fashion background from companies such as Nordstrom and Amazon Fashion, as well as Source’s marketing coordinator Kai Brady, and business development lead Jason Bello.

“This team is full of rockstars, I appreciate them all so much,” said Brady. “Launching a lifestyle brand when most of us have cannabis backgrounds is a challenging task, but we all came together to think outside the box and create something great. I’m excited for everyone to see what we have to offer!”

The initial Source Lifestyle Co. launch includes a limited release of three short-sleeve tees, two long-sleeve tees, as well as a gold lighter cover, ceramic ashtray, Source Xtracts dab tool, and a lanyard celebrating all of Source’s brands. Many of the products feature original artwork by Ajax Kelly, whose artwork can be found on Instagram @ajaxkelly and online at

"We really appreciate Ajax's work and the aesthetic he brought to our products," said Atari. "We always strive to be an artist-forward company and we plan to interview Ajax in an artist spotlight coming soon."

The lifestyle team worked with local printers, distributors, and fulfillment partners to bring the product line to market, and the first-ever photoshoot featured Source employees as models to further emphasize the local, community-oriented nature of the brand.

“I’m super stoked to share this with you all,” said Hanson. “We can’t wait to show you what the new year holds!”


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